Meet Mary

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As a Classically Trained French Chef, busy wife and mother I fully understand the importance of feeding my family and loved ones delicious and healthy foods made with the purest ingredients possible. However, cutting down on the time spent in the kitchen so we can spend more time together around the table has become vital in our busy lives. Quality doesn't have to be sacrificed if you know a few simple tricks. Purchasing organic, grass fed and free range ingredients also plays a large part in the culinary experiences I create with the foods I cook and bake. Young Living Vitality Oils are by far the cleanest way to season food so naturally they are a staple in my kitchen. You can get yours HERE. 

My professional journey began at age 15 cooking and baking in a local banquet facility. At 16 I began formal training and obtained a 2 year Culinary Certification from BOCES of New York State. Once that was completed I went on to complete Classical French Culinary training at Dubrulle French Culinary School in Vancouver, BC. That led to me being invited back as a T.A. at BOCES where I began training other budding culinary professionals. Over the years I’ve also pursued a variety of positions in restaurant kitchens and served as a private chef to multiple families.

As an adventurous explorer at heart, I’ve also loved learning about the psychology of food as it relates to others and the culture in which they live. When traveling, one of my favorite things to do is to eat local foods and dig in to experience my latest destination's culinary history. I’ve found time and again that sharing great food over an inviting table can be such a wonderful way to bond and share with others no matter where you come from. Sharing all this knowledge and helping people to create such enriching experiences in their own lives has become a life long passion for me. 

Now combining all of my strengths as a Chef and teacher along with my passion for bringing a quality dining experience to the local table, I am so excited to share with you my own rich and harmonious yet simple way to improve your experience. Once you learn the simple steps to streamlining your process you can once again find true enjoyment in your kitchen and food. You and your family will then be inspired to create your own new lasting culinary legacy. So please join me to show you how to create meals full of quality ingredients that are easy to prepare yet WOW those you cook for. Your meal times will never be the same!